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This is an one-piece aluminium ball style gear knob that suits the above Holden T5  5-speed and T56 6-speed manual transmissions. It is manufactured from solid aluminium bar-stock, machined and then super highly polished.

This item replaces the entire original gear knob and shaft and is a straight bolt-in.  There are no modifications required in order to fit this, just simply unbolt your original gear shaft from the selector on the gearbox and bolt ours on using the 2 high tensile bolts that we supply with the knob.  2 Bolts and you're done.

T5 Gearboxes were in the following Holden models:  VN, VP, VR, VS, VTs1.

T56 Gearboxes were in the following Holden models:  VTs2, VX, VU, VY, VZ.

A groove at the base of the tapered knob section allows the boot to be secured so the aluminium shaft isn't visible.  If you prefer the look of the full aluminium shaft, you can secure the boot further down.

This knob is made in 2 lengths.  Standard and Short.  Standard length bring the fitted gear knob and shaft to the same overall height as the original knob did, while the Short version is 1" shorter.  Please select which height knob you want from the pull down menus.